Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Who,What,Wear (is your hair?)

I love street style but I find it really pointless when people tell you what design power house made their coat/skirt/shirt etc is... I like to see how people put their outfit together and really couldn't care how expensive their clothes are,it kind of defeats the object no? So I am going to post (badly taken) pictures of some things I wear that make me happy. Nothing more nothing less

My Hippy take on smart/casual for the office.

A shimmery vintage number
 And Brogue.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Let's Revamp

I am in need of a drastic revamp...I must be having a mid life crisis at the age of twenty BUT thanks to the help of my personal trainer I now have some focus. I have new candy floss coloured pink hair (which I love) and I am hoping to achieve a new body ; )

My wardrobe is soon to be revamped and I will post exactly what/when and how I do this x

So the Spring cleaning began tonight with me filling a black sack of random things that are no good to myself or a charity shop at that...

 Red tight that I wore twice; once for the above shoot and the second time under a playsuit when a hole appeared in them. P.s Photography by Simon Morris, text by me.
 Stripey tights worn once to dress as a pirate for Halloween.
 Black vests that go thread bear are NEVER good...Little did I know you could see my side boob ; )

As money gets tighter being thrifty seems to make sense, a good friend of mine is currently repairing clothes for myself and a couple of others in the office. A great little money maker for her and a much needed service for us less domestic folk.

Im a bit excited now that spring is here! Sunshine is sooo good for the soul : ) x