Thursday, 27 January 2011

Dirti Gerties

Dirti Gerties to the untrained eye is a modestly sized Boutique just off Maidstone High Street. Delve a bit deeper however and you will soon realise it is infact a family run dress agency.To those of you that didn't know(I must admit until my visit I didn't). A dress agency is somewhere that you can take clothes you no longer wear. You pay a small deposit to display your items and should they be sold you take a cut of the profits from the sale. This is a great way to recycle perfectly good items that simply go unworn for whatever reasons.

Downstairs is full of one off retro pieces such as print dresses( great for putting an individual slant on next season's high street trends). Whilst upstairs is bursting with shoes,handbags and vintage faux furs. Dirty Gerties are a family run business with a beauty parlour located above. Its gentle and welcoming yet funny and girlie and gives you the sense you could happily stop by for a cuppa and a gossip.

Dirti Gerties Fashion Boutique can be found on: 
38 Union Street

Or online at

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Fashion Forward For 2011

So we say it every year "this year will be the year" but for some of us it really has started on a high! I have already collaborated with a great creative team on my first styling job, I have shoot lined up and reviews to write and we’re only 11 days in! For the last few months of last year I took a break from modelling and fashion in general but this year I hope to enlighten and be enlightened on my fashion journey. From high street bargains to reviews of little gem type places to shop away from the BIG stores and high street names...

Stay poised,
Sarah-Louise x